William Joseph Schmidt
January 26, 1971 - June 28, 2012

William (Billy) Schmidt, 41, of Dumont, Iowa, passed away June 28, 2012, at his home in Dumont, Iowa.

He was born the son of David and Darlene (Sue) Schmidt, on January 26, 1971.

On August 6, 1997, his first daughter was born Elizabeth Sue. William was united in marriage to Kelly Paullus on April 20, 2004; to this marriage two daughters were born, Gabriel Ruby Viola and Samantha Mae along with another that is due in November 2012, who will be named Billy Jo or Billie Jo, depending on boy or girl.

William is also survived by his brother Tim (Cari) Schmidt, numerous cousins, nieces, aunts and uncles.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents Jessie and Ruby Ray, Donald Schmidt & Viola and Larry Clayton.
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Sat, July 14, 2012
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Sietsema-Vogel Funeral Home
902 West Broadway St.
Dumont, Iowa 50625

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Jeremiah Frohwein
Jul 14, 2012

When I was a little I remember walking beans with Billy and my mom. He gave me a grasshopper cage when I was 6 or 7. He was always nice to me growing up and I will remember him for that. My condolences to his family.


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